Small Group Tuition

By: REM Tuition  20-May-2012
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The REM Method is based on 3 main principles: 1. Small group tuition 2. Face to Face tutoring 3. Single subject tutoring Small Group Tuition REM Tuition has classes of up to 6 students. This is superior to one on one tutoring for several reasons: -Children learn from each other One of the key methods for children to learn is from their peers. To see another child working using the right method motivates students to focus on the task and try for themselves. This creates an environment conducive to learning. -Allows children to think independently Children can develop a dependency on the tutor in one on one tutoring, relying on the tutor to always help them to take the step to the next level. They often struggle in exams because that support is not there. Small group tuition promotes independence not dependence. -Allows children to learn from their mistakes without anxiety It is often overwhelming for students when they feel that the tutor is always looking over their shoulder. Teaching a skill and allowing time to practise individually encourages students to have a go and reduces the anxiety of getting it wrong. Constant monitoring and individual support from the tutor reinforces the achievements. Face-to-Face Teaching Children do not learn through worksheets and textbooks alone. At REM the teachers teach skills based on the assessed needs of the students in the group, and the difficulties they are having at school. The teacher assists your child individually and provides the attention and encouragement they need and allows time for them to work independently whilst working with the next student. Face to face tutoring means there is a focus on your child's individual needs. Single Subject Tutoring Each class is instructed in one subject only. All students in the class are at a similar level of understanding. Each class is entirely focused on the needs of your child and does not leave advanced students bored, or less advanced students trailing behind. Single subject tutoring allows full explanation of concepts and true understanding to be developed by your child.

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