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By: Mason College  18-Feb-2012

Mason College in conjunction with Josies Beauty have designed a series of personal and professional development workshops which allows us to share our philosophy of image and its power to control and influence the perception others have of you; and how you feel and present yourself, to and  within a wide group of professionals and friends.

Our Image Consultancy training special is for men and women and covers topics like:

Dressing for Success

  • Knowing the best colours, shapes and contrast levels to wear
  • Building a capsule wardrobe
  • Know the show stoppers
  • Grooming
  • The perfect fit


  • Clothing – fit and cleanliness
  • Posture
  • Skin
  • Excess body hair
  • Smell
  • Beyond the body – accessories mobile phones, pens, jewelry

Creating a Corporate Dress code

  • Defining the dress code
  • Getting employee buy in
  • Projecting company image

Men’s Image – Look the part – its not only for women

Identify your own personal style and the actions you need to take in order to achieve it

Articulate some tips to dressing in the most flattering way for your body type

Wear the colours and contrast levels that will best reflect your personality and help you to achieve your goals

Know how to keep up to date and where to shop to create a fashionable look.

Our image programs include coaching, seminars and workshops on personal and professional branding, first impressions, confidence and style, health and well-being, creative team building, grooming, cultural protocol, business and social etiquette, effective networking, reputation and professional positioning and more.

Personal Image

It’s often our uniqueness in style that defines us. Our ability to walk into a room and stand out in the crowd with confidence and pride in who we are and our contribution to the world is what makes us stylish” – Natasha Di Ciano DISCOVER YOUR SIGNATURE STYLEWe have all noticed a person with presence enter a room? People with confidence create impact and are memorable, they are confident, they seem to glow. How you present yourself to others is important. It is your opportunity to present your own unique and authentic style.


Mason works with you to enhance your natural prowess and personality to develop a personal brand that reflects both style and confidence. Discover how your new image will take your confidence to the next level. You could look 10 years younger or 10 kilos lighter.  It all depends on how and what you wear.

“We align your image and identity with the essence of who you are so that you can achieve your goals”

Be uniquely you!

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Image” – It lasts forever.

You’ll have Christmas all wrapped up with one of our personalised His or Her image packages.

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