Prenco Environmental Offers Highest Grade Bunding Products in SA

Prenco Environmental Offers Highest Grade Bunding Products in SA from Prenco Environmental Spill Control

By: Prenco Environmental Spill Control  19-Mar-2013
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March 19, 2013 - Somerton Park, SA, Australia - committed on protecting the environment to the future wealth and well-being of both the business and community sectors - Prenco Environmental - offers a range of high quality bunding products and containment systems to minimise the risk of environmental harm from dangerous liquid spills and leaks.

For businesses who are using industry chemicals and liquids, a bund or containment system is necessary to ensure the safety of the workplace, the environment and most importantly the employees. As some of these liquids are highly toxic, failure to contain them would be a catastrophe. This makes a bund facility not only necessary but an obligatory requirement mandated by the Australian law.

And Prenco Environmental offers portable and flexible bunds and barriers to help control all types of fluids that may leak or that need proper storing to fulfill the environment and legislative requirements for the storage and handling of fluids.

Our products include the following:

Portable Collapsible Bunds

  • Can be built to any required size
  • Can be used as a containment wash bay
  • Quickest portable bunding solution on the market
  • Made from the strongest, most durable geo membrane FTL 30
  • Ideal for harsh environments that require oil and chemical containment
  • Heavy duty corner support
  • One piece construction with no components to lose
  • Low profile support arms
  • Easy to drive in clearance and provides a wide variety of field uses
  • Eyelets on the base of the straps which allow you to peg the unit to soft grounds
  • Easier to store, light to carry, yet is tough and durable for the most demanding industrial jobs
  • Just wash after use and store away for the next application
Spill Bund Containment Mat
  • Can contain liquids, leaks and drips in servicing activities
  • Temporary store drums and equipment without creating environmental risk
  • Complies with waste water legislation/codes of practice throughout Australia
  • Eliminates the need to build expensive permanent structures
  • Flexible sidewalls for delivery of liquid storage drums
  • Chemically resistant and UV stable fabric
  • Lightweight - easy to fold and store after use
Floor Bunding - ideal for workshops and factories across doorways and entrances, around machinery, transport depots, fuel transfer bays and chemical storage facilities
  • Spill barrier bund - with pre-glued EVA sponge for light duty applications
  • Protect-bund - bolt down polyurethane, durable, heavy duty applications
  • Wall bund - higher profile for increased capacity and along the perimeter walls
Spill Pallets and Bunds - we also feature secondary products made from polyethylene designed for bunding drums, tanks, equipment and any item that requires compliance with EPA and Australians Standards storage and handling of fluids
  • Drum spill pallets - for 2 to 4 drums (up to 205 litres)
  • IBC spill pallets - for 1000 litre IBC totes available in 1-5 module units
  • Hard top spill pallets - for weatherproof protection
  • Spill Decks - low profile containment pallets for decanting and transfers
  • Drum trucks - for moving and dispensing of 205 litre drums
  • Pallet rack sumps - fr storage of fluids on racking
  • Overpack drums - for emergency containment of leaking containers
Aside from bunding product, Prenco Environmental can also supply you with top of the line absorbents, Spill kits, spill containment, drain protection, water barriers and companion products.

We have everything you need for leak prevention and spill containment. Call us today at 618 8294 7711.

Keywords: Disposal Services, Floor Bunding, Waste Management, Waste Removals,

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