Ear Candling

Ear Candling from Jeanette Nash

By: Jeanette Nash  06-Oct-2010
Keywords: Ear Candling

It is a simple, time-honoured natural remedy for treating ear discomforts. It provides relief from various ear complaints by the application of therapeutic heat.
The flame allows a vacuum of warmth through the shaft of the candle, warming the ear canal, activating the tissues and energy centres.
You lay on your side and the candle is inserted through a hole of an appropriate head covering for safety. The one end of the candle is placed gently in the outer opening of the ear and allowing you to assist with any adjustment for personal comfort- the candle goes only far enough to seal the ear opening
BENEFITS: Softening of cerumen (ear wax), relief of ear and sinus irritations, improved hearing, smell and taste, relief of catarrh, regulation of ear pressure, stimulation of local blood and lymph circulation, improved mental clarity, relaxation and a feeling of cleanliness.                 INDICATIONS: Hearing loss due to impacted cerumen, sinus congestion, irritations in the ears or frontal and para-nasal sinuses, ear pain, itching, allergies or ringing, headache, migraine, rhinitis, vertigo (dizziness).

Keywords: Ear Candling