Crystal Bowl Meditation

By: Jeanette Nash  04-Jan-2012
Keywords: Energy Healing, Vibrational Healing, Crystal Bowl Meditations

Crystal Bowls are made from crushed quartz crystals and formed to vibrate to various musical sounds such as the note 'middle C', some vibrate at lower levels and many vibrate at higher levels. With each level of vibration the energy flows through your body on all levels, helping to shift and clear or enhance one's being, bringing peace and clarity or a reminder of a blockage that has been niggling at you... for each of us it interacts differently and many have said they have felt so nurtured, buzzing in an exciting way, more knowing of who they are, where they are going or generally enjoyed the 'pick me up', recharge for the coming days. I use approx 9 Crystal bowls and several small tibetan bowls along with other sounding tools depending on the energy of the moment. I also use some of the bowls and tuning forks in Personal Healing treatments for those wanting a more individual session. BOOKINGS are required for the Meditation and Personal Healing treatments.

Keywords: Crystal Bowl Meditations, Energy Healing, Healing Vibration, Vibrational Healing,

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