Tenant's Rights when Vacating Property

By: Adelaide Carpet Revive  26-Mar-2011
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Division 8, Part 4, Section 69 of the Residential Tenancies Act is a helpful source of information for tenants deciding on whether to 1/ Get their carpets cleaned and, if so 2/ Which method of cleaning they should choose.

Some well meaning but ill-informed property managers and/or landlords may insist the tenant gets the carpets cleaned at the end of their lease, regardless of whether they are  “in a reasonable state of cleanliness” or not, and some even insist that the carpets be “Steam Cleaned”.

There is NO mention in the Act regarding which method of cleaning must be done to bring the property to a “reasonable state of cleanliness”.

In fact, by reading further into the Act, in Part 9, Section 115, we find that any property manager getting a tenant to sign a lease with terms stating the carpets must be steam cleaned at the end of the lease, are attempting  “to defeat, evade or prevent the operation of this Act” and therefore are in breach of the Act and  guilty of an offence with a maximum penalty of $8,000.

This means that if you decide the carpets need cleaning in order to bring the property to a “reasonable state of cleanliness”, then YOU can decide which method of cleaning you will choose.

At Adelaide Carpet Revive, we guarantee that your carpets will be cleaned to the satisfaction of your property manager/landlord, meeting all requirements of the Act. Your bond will not be withheld based on the condition of the cleanliness of the carpets.

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