Investment criteria

Investment criteria from safecapitalinvest

By: safecapitalinvest  16-Nov-2011
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In evaluating and selecting companies for investing, we look for the following investment criteria:
•    Market Position. How large is the market? Is the company a leader in its industry or market niche? Does it have the potential to become one?
•    Management. What are the management's strengths and weaknesses? Are their incentives aligned with those of investors?
•    Growth Potential. Does the company have a clear competitive edge sufficient to scale up rapidly in its target market?
•    Cash Flow and Profitability. Is the company at or near positive cash flow, and does it have an attractive level of profitability?
•    Control. Will the investment secure control of the company or a significant minority interest, with adequate protective covenants for investors?
•    Identifiable Exit Prospects. Are there multiple exit opportunities for the proposed investment, either through sale to domestic or international buyers, strategic buyers, or on public securities markets?
•    Internal Rate of Return. Is the potential return commensurate with the risk in the context of the Fund's overall portfolio of investments?

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