RadoWind 10KW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Australian made

RadoWind 10KW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Australian made from Australian WindSun Power Pty Ltd

By: Australian WindSun Power Pty Ltd  09-Nov-2011
Keywords: Solar Panels, Renewable Energy Systems, Wind Power


The innovative vertical axis wind energy system being developed by Radotec is suitable for small-scale applications in the urban or noise sensitive environments. The project aims to produce a commercially viable 10 kW wind energy system. A 3.5 kW test prototype was constructed to validate the aerodynamic performance and construction technology.


  • Low noise and safe operation due to innovative, patent pending aerodynamic design features.
  • Suitable for fluctuating, turbulent wind conditions typical in urban environments.
  • Design based on proven wind energy principles. Robust, low cost, low maintenance, efficient design.
  • The 3.5 kW turbine was completed in August 2010 and installed on the test vehicle. The vehicle allows the turbine to be tested in "real world" conditions by operating the vehicle on a private road through a range of different speeds while collecting data.


    Radotec has completed the 2nd stage of wind turbine testing

    The tests were performed to tune and optimise the wind turbine for peak power. Peak power in excess of 3.5 kW was recorded at the rated wind speed of 12 m/s. The data collected from the multiple testing runs were used to calculate the power curve for the turbine.


  • The comprehensive test program of the 3.5 kW model is in progress. Vehicle testing allows the turbine to be analysed at a variety of wind speed conditions similar to a wind tunnel. The the 3.5 kW development prototype is also of a scale comparable to the production 10 kW version in terms of real world turbulence and aerodynamic performance.

    The vehicle travels at different speeds monitored by a ultrasonic anemometer. A variable resistive load is applied and adjustments and modifications are made during the testing process. This allows the engineers at Radotec to refine and verify the design to optimise performance.

    Data aquisition includes power output at different torque and speed settings. Structural performance is also monitored through a network of strain gauges applied to the fixed and rotating parts of the turbine.

    The test program will result in a detailed understanding of the complex aerodynamic and structural requirements of the 10 kW production version. The testing is also used to verify our theoretical analysis of the design.

    Radotec aims to produce a wind energy system that is low noise, has proven performance and is cost-effective. The final 10 kW production version to be manufactured by Radotec in Australia.    

Keywords: Alternate Power Supplies, Renewable Energy Systems, Solar Panels, Wind Energy, Wind Power, Wind Turbines

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