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 Did you know that following injury, teeth are one part of the body least able to repair themselves?

A blow to the head can send shockwave's through the skull, fracturing teeth, while other more severe injuries can result in serious trauma such as concussion, jaw and gum damage.

AllSports mouthguards offer the best oral protection as our mouth guards are pressure formed and custom fitted; this is not a claim but a fact. We have seen and been alarmed by claims of various types of bite and bite or stock mouth guards. All research carried out in the medical and dental field over decades has documented custom fitted mouth guards to offer the best protection. We suggest you take time to research this for yourself to make an informed decision on what is best for you or your child.

Average fee for Orthodontic treatment is $4,000, duration 18-24 months. Average price single tooth implant $4,000 - $6,000 duration lifetime, so do your homework.

AllSports mouthguards are available in 4 styles, with a huge selection of colours, so you can customize your mouth guard to match your club colours or personality. Plus you can customize your pro-Triple with your name and contact phone number. Club and team discounts available.

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  Please get club official, coach or mentor to contact us and arrange us set up one of our clinics in your club on a day or evening that suits you.