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By: Your Body Your Temple  06-Sep-2011
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Hawaiian Kahuna Bodywork is a flowing and dynamic form of massage therapy.  Although similar to massage with the use of oil on the body, the rest of the treatment is unique.  The work is done without intent i.e. to “fix” a muscle or neck.  Performed to music, Kahuna Bodywork uses sensitivity, and flows with the path of least resistance to provide a space for clients to experience healing and well being for themselves.  With the aid of posture, leverage and motion, the practitioner is able to perform the bodywork like a script or dance upon the client.  This allows space for them to expand their being and regain balance and awareness within themselves.

A relaxed and pain free state is maintained through out the session.  Deeper work may involve specific focus and deep point pressure using leverage to release muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joint movement techniques.

While fantastic for aiding individuals through personal development and change, Kahuna Bodywork also succeeds in promoting deep relaxation and stress relief.  Physically it is excellent for muscle pain and tension while also increasing drainage and fluid movement around the body.

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