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Holistic Massage from Your Body Your Temple

By: Your Body Your Temple  06-Sep-2011
Keywords: Back Pain, Massage Therapy, Remedial Massage

Using either a deep firm pressure or lighter touch, the holistic massage offered by Fiona helps back and neck pain and stiffness of shoulders and muscles while also calming the body and nervous system into a balanced and centered space.

By using slow deep strokes one is able to relieve not only the physical painful areas and muscle tension but also ease the mental chatter, and rebalance the emotional body using varying energy based modalities.

Your massage can be a full body, or focused on specific painful areas depending on what you need.

Fiona incorporates polarity therapy into your massage. It blends in well with massage, as it allows your body to completely relax and unwind in a much greater fashion then with pure massage.  It works directly on the nervous system and is extremely calming and centering.

Polarity therapy, founded by Dr Randolph Stone, is a holistic healing system that draws upon a comprehensive system of bodywork, nutritional advice, exercise and counseling.  It works with the body’s energy systems to realign and unite the body, mind and spirit.  

During a polarity bodywork session, touch is used over various body parts of the body, with varying pressures, to stimulate and rebalance the body’s energy flows and create a space for the client to heal. By placing hands in two separate places we establish a relationship between those places – hence, Polarity Therapy.

The hands are used like jumper leads from a car, to restart the flow and balance the client’s energy.  When energy flows between the hands, the body is reminded of where the pathways lie for its energy to flow.

What is a holistic massage good for?

Pain relief
Stiff shoulders and neck
Lower back pain
Eases muscle tension and headaches
Increases blood flow and circulation
Fluid drainage
Eases stress and tension
Lowers blood pressure
Gives you some ‘time-out’
Anxiety and stress
Calming the nervous system
Back and neck problems
Digestive and elimination issues
Urinary problems
Chronic fatigue

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