Reiki courses for level 1,2 and Master

By: Beginnings Center  02-Feb-2011
Keywords: Healing, Anxiety, Reiki


The style of Reiki that you will learn is “Usui Shiki Ryho” Usui System of Natural Healing.

In Reiki First Degree, Shoden “Beginning”, you will learn hand positions, to treat yourself and others, as well as, the history of Reiki and energy healing. The focus, at this level, is self healing. Reiki will allow you to connect with yourself, in a way that promotes and supports your unique and personal journey in life.

Students also receive teachings through IHS, Intuitive Healing Systems

Through what is called an attunement process, we open the physical body to receive more universal life force energy. Much like tunning in a radio to a specific frquency we tune the body in to recieving a higher energy frquency. After the first degree, you will have Reiki for the rest of your life, constantly and consistently flowing freely.

At this level you are a qualified Reiki Therapist.

In Reiki Second Degree, Okuden “Deeper Knowledge”, you will learn and be able to use the 3 Reiki symbols as tools to specifically target healing physically and emotionally. You will be able to address problems, such as:

  • * sleeplessness,
  • * addictions,
  • * depression, or nervousness.
The 1st symbol works at the physical level of healing and the 2nd symbol works at the emotional level of healing. The 3rd symbol, the most powerful of all the 3, will assist you to connect light healing, to people over distance, similar to that of radio signals. You will gain enhanced power and intuition. Your intuition will play a greater role in your treatments, as the focus, at this level, is on both yourself and others.

Students also receive teachings through IHS, Intuitive Healing Systems

Students receive two attunements, which increase their energy further. Think of this as a “quantum leap” in your level of vibration frequency, which is stronger than that of the first degree.

At this level you are a qualified and experienced Reiki Therapist.

In Reiki Third Degree, Shinpiden, “Mystery Teaching”
, you will learn the Master symbol. This will strengthen the use of the three symbols you learnt in level two. You will learn how to teach others Reiki at all levels and to give all attunements, create your own manuals and time set up.

 In the Master Training you will also recieve a "Business Session" to assist you in setting up your business on a small budget.

Students also receive through  IHS, Intuitive Healing Systems

The program is tailored to your personal needs and students receive attunement to the master symbol which, again, increases your energy vibration.

At this level, you will be a qualified Reiki Master and Teacher.

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