Trade Winds IPA

By: Gulf Brewery  23-Nov-2011
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In the 1800's, England shipped beer to their colonies in India. To survive the journey, it was made with a higher alcohol level than most beers of the time and hoppier than normal. Our beer follows this tradition, but using the latest methods to make sure we produce a consistent drop. Naturally, we use only the traditional english hops in this beer


The "Pale Ale" refers to the colour compared to the other beers of the 1800's.


The earthy aroma of the English East Kent goldings hops shows through.These hops are the traditional English hops used in their ales.


This is a fuller bodied ale with a strong hop flavour. The strong bitterness is balanced against the full malt flavour leaving a pleasant finish on the palate.

Overall impression

A balanced full strength beer brewed in the English tradition

Keywords: Beer

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Fish Tale Pilsner

The Saaz hops from Bohemia in the north of the Czech Republic give this beer a rich, complex spiciness mixed with armfuls of country flowers. Traditional European golden colour with a tight, frothy white head.It's best served with a comparatively large head of about 2 cm. We use imported Czech hops to achieve the unique bitterness and flavour. This is a Bohemian style pilsner which the Czechs call it a svetl pivo.


Harvest Moon Organic

The beer starts with a fresh dose of sweet stone fruit which melts away in your mouth to a nice dry, clean citrus finish. It is the only organic beer that we know of that is produced in South Australia. We have used only certified organic ingredients in producing this beer. The Organic Lager has an outstanding aroma of peach and citrus. This beer is a sunset yellow pale gold.


Kitten 9 Tails

This is an easy drinking German dark lager, quite appropriately known as an Oktoberfest. It starts out sweet, moves onto a multi malty dance on the tongue and finishes dry. Low on bitterness and moderate on fizz, it's a beer to be embraced again and again. Malt and more malt, the rich malty aroma is complemented by hints of toasted malt. Creamy, pale yellow head floating on a slightly hazy, dark golden brew.


Madam Rouge (Strawberry infused beer

This is a medium bodied beer that starts slightly sweet and has a drying finish with the flavours of fresh strawberries. This fruit beer has a subtle touch of strawberry flavour and aroma to create a unique, refreshing drink. A touch of cloudiness from the fresh fruit we use. A wonderful sweet aroma from the strawberries.


Humpback Pale

This one's for savouring with a scrumptious, caramel-like, malty aroma and just enough warm, damp soil to remind you of rambling countryside. Although darker beers give the impression of "heaviness", this is medium bodied and very easy to drink. Those classic English hop flavours are also present fragrant with an earthy flavour. It's a traditional "session beer", lower in alcohol, so you can enjoy a few.


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This is a chocolate stout that we have brewed that uses a large amount of chocolate malt and quaility Belgian cocoa to drive that chocolate flavour. A complex mix of the normal roast flavours of a stout and a beautifully balanced smooth chocolate finish to savour. A stout is a naturally dark beer and the addtional cocoa has lightened the colour to dark chocolate - what else.


Pilot's Light

This cloudiness comes from allowing most of the particles suspended in the lager to settle naturally before kegging, keeping the subtle flavours that are lost by modern filtering methods. This is our light beer although, with a fuller body, it certainly doesn't taste like it. There's that hint of passionfruit again, working well with the soft, well-balanced body. We use imported malts from the UK and Germany to create this refreshing brew.