LTE Filter "Long Term Evolution" What is it and how it will cause you greif

By: Digital Perception  06-Feb-2015
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Over two years ago the fed government sold off the unused TV frequency to the telcos. They were give a start date of Jan 2015 to be able to use the new air space. Sadly, a thousand powerful 4GX and soon 5G networks have been installed around the country. This has caused the Digital TV network to experience problems. To put it simply, If you have an antenna, booster installed up to 6 months ago you could have a Non LTE antenna and Non LTE Amplifier installed with cheaper low quality coaxial cable. Quad shield RJ6 cable, LTE proof equipment you will be safe. With non LTE proof products your TV and recorder may have trouble picking up the TV stations and displaying wrong or no EPG. Guide.. A LTE filter is required for older antennas. If you have more than one room you can place one filter before you split into other rooms. If you just have one TV, we have a filter available for easy installation. Country Victoria, NSW, Queensland, North of South Australia and south around Victor Habor are experiencing problems. If you had a government antenna and a booster, or Masthead amplifier installed, well, they are not protected against LTE interference. Strange happenings with you TV and PVR make you think its you or a faulty product. Well, it is in a way, the antenna is not LTE proof. I have filters starting from $20. Give me a call and I would be delightd to speak to you.and fix any issues you may have. Greg Ferres - Owner Digital Perception 0433 412 613

Keywords: Iptv, Lte Filter

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