Long Term Evolution takes us all by surprise.

By: Digital Perception  02-Jul-2014

Do you understand the "Digital Divide"! What does LTE mean? What will these changes mean to me? In Jan 2015 the 4G network will start transmitting in the old SBS TV space. The government has sold off the now unused TV air space to make way for extra 4G telecom space. You may receive interference with your Digital TV or recorder device. What should I do? Many will be replacing the antenna with a LTE proof antenna. Thats one that does not go above channel 50 in the upper part of the UHF band. Or, all you may require is a LTE filter to filter out the Long Term Effects of interference with your current digital device. We supply a range of LTE proof quality made antennas that will not need a LTE filter. You may have just had an installation and did not receive an LTE proof antenna. In your case you will just require a new LTE filter connected to your DTV antenna system. If you have just one TV point the filter can live behind your TV and if you have several points around your home you can have just one filter connected to the main antenna before it is split. Call me on 0433 412 613 for friendly advice. We are only too happy to assist you. My name is Greg Ferres and I am the owner of Digital Perception. We are here to you. To assist you in the best quality solution and the most economical way. We look forward to speaking to you.

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