Top 10 Benefits of Bamboo Clothing

Top 10 Benefits of Bamboo Clothing from O2wear Bamboo Clothing

By: O2wear Bamboo Clothing  08-Sep-2011
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O2wear Australia specialises in bamboo fibre base layers for women. If you’re after seriously soft fabric that feels great against your skin, bamboo clothing is the perfect choice. In recent years, bamboo fabric has become increasingly common, with applications ranging from hygiene and medical products to home furnishings, however bamboo clothes are by far the most popular use. You can check out our full range of bamboo products and buy from our secure online store - just visit our website from the link below.

To explain why bamboo has become such a popular fabric for clothing, we have listed the 'Top 10 Benefits of Bamboo Clothing' - read more on our website!

1.   Eco-Friendly
2.   Softness
3.   Sensitive Skin
4.   Easy Care
5.   Moisture Wicking
6.   Biodegradable
7.   UV Protection
8.   Breathability
9.   Insulating
10. Antibacterial


While bamboo clothing has many great benefits and is grown in an eco-friendly and organic manner, there is still some debate as to what extent bamboo really is eco-friendly. This is because of the manufacturing process, during which chemicals are used in the course of turning the bamboo pulp into fibre. So while bamboo clothing may not be wholly environmentally friendly, it does go a long way to improving upon more traditional water intensive crops such as cotton. And of course, it's a great fabric that is not only breathable, moisture wicking and easy-care, it’s incredibly soft and looks great to wear.
And just in case you were wondering: Pandas in the wild like to eat about twenty-five types of bamboo. They don’t like Moso, the one used for bamboo clothing.

You can buy bamboo clothing from our secure online store - follow the link below to the O2wear website!

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