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By: Mangosteen Dietary Supplements  16-Jul-2014
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VitalXan Mangosteen Balm Testimonials. Jann Connor - July 5 at 11:58pm I am using the capsules for my arthritis & general wellbeing. I am also trying the lotion for my skin & balm for joints. Since taking capsules for last 6 months, with some apple cider vinegar, no longer need anti-inflammatory prescriptions for my arthritis. My brother has been taking them for 4 yrs, no more reflux, colds or flu. Not a cure, but great food health supplement Tania Rychowski July 8th at 15.52pm Great News ... I received my tub of Mangosteen Muscle & Joint Balm today and because I have been in so much pain, I ripped the parcel apart and applied some to the side of my face as the pain has been extraordinary. I possibly have trigeminal neuralgia / combined jaw dysfunction but it really helped within an hour I gently massaged the balm in and felt pain relief within 10 minutes. I am really happy about that! I will also rub some into my injured elbow and foot tonight after I have my shower. A little (only a fingernail full) goes a very long way! I am also double dosing on my mangosteen capsules. The balm smells quite pleasant too; not over-powering like other rubs and absorbs very quickly without feeling sticky or annoying. Great product! Thanks so much VitalXan! Michelle Wilson - July 3 at 8:28pm Received it today ❤❤ i ripped open the parcel like a mad women and frantically rubbed it into my very sore aching hands... I even opened a jar with no troubles at dinner time. A very happy lady right here! Barry Nurse – Darlington, Adelaide July 2nd I’ve been drinking the VitalXan Mangosteen juice powder which I have found to relieve the pain from my back injury. I suffer with continual back pain which travels down into my knees and legs. I purchased the new Mangosteen balm and applied it to the lumbar area of my back and to my surprise the pain started to recede in minutes. After about 5 mins I was able to stretch my knees and touch my toes something which I have been unable to do for a very long time. This balm is amazing stuff and I would recommend it to everyone. Bev Kelly - Hackham West – Adelaide July 4th I suffer with Bursitis and Tendinitis of the hip which causes me untold pain. I was recommended by a friend to try the VitalXan Mangosteen balm for these conditions. I massaged the balm lightly and within a very short time the pain had eased up. I was able to sleep through the night which is something of a miracle for me. Wonderful product and I will be telling all of my friends about it.

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