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By: Glen Verran Pastoral Supplies  19-Jul-2011
Keywords: Valves, Ball Valves, Check Valves


Dezincification resistant watermark ball valves

Australian gas approved ball valves.

Polypropylene ball valves with brass ball.

Polypropylene body brass ball Bibcock’s

Brass body ball Bibcock’s.

Compression AGA certified gas Cocks

Stainless steel ball valves.

PVC ball valves.

Balancing flow control valves.

Binder test points.

AS 1628 approved gate valves

Brass gate valves untested.

AS 1628 approved tested brass swing check valves

Brass swing checks valves untested.

PVC foot valves.

Dual check valves for backflow protection.

Rainman dual check valve for backflow protection.

Garden Tap Rough brass male to AS3718

Garden tap rough brass female to AS3718

Brass spring check valve

Brass Y strainers

Brass foot valves

Bottom entry garden taps nickel plated

Vandal proof taps to AS3718

Garden tap with backing plate.

Cistern Cocks

Vacuum breakers

Galvanised garden stakes standpipes

Water pumps with controllers

Sump pumps the dirty water discharge

Vultrex Plastic pure polypropylene hose tails

Float valves

Plumbing O rings sizes # 4 to # 15.

Tap Jumper valves

Tap body washers

Duo valves the non-return isolating valve

Tempering valves for hot water services

Anti-Suds floor grates

Thread tape

Tap Restoration tools

Copper saddles

Copper capillary fittings

Screwed brass fittings

Rubber bath and basin plugs

Leather Pump Buckets

Leather Pump Cups

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