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Professional Counselling from Chris White Counsellor

By: Chris White Counsellor  25-Mar-2012
Keywords: Relationship Counselling, Anxiety Counselling, Depression Counselling

People decide to come to counselling for many different reasons. Underlying all of these reasons is the motivation to change the way things are right now. Counselling provides a safe, non judgemental space where you can talk about your feelings and your thoughts. For some of you talking about how you feel may seem daunting and scary whereas some others may wonder how just talking about something can be of any help at all! Many of you may have tried talking to friends or family and feel that no one really understands your point of view or how you are feeling. Sometimes it may seem as though these conversations go round in circles and leave you feeling even more alone and worthless. Counsellors are trained to identify and draw together the different threads in your understanding about your life and help you make better sense of what is going on and how you can effect change. They may ask questions about what’s happening in your life right now and in the past. They may reflect back to things you have said and ask you to talk a little more about certain topics so you gain a better understanding of what you are thinking and how you are feeling too. As you explore your feelings and examine your thoughts with someone who listens with empathy and support, you may find that some of your worries and concerns become easier to manage. You are more able to challenge negative thoughts, improve your day to day functioning and sense of wellbeing. Counselling helps you to develop new skills for living your life and new ways of addressing your problems.

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