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By: Quality Staff  09-Dec-2011
Keywords: Placement Service, Job Specification

Our placement service includes the following features:

Job Specification: We will visit you to take a detailed job specification and employee specification at the time of the order, so that not only skills but personalities will be accurately matched to your needs.

Thorough Testing: All applicants undergo our stringent skills testing, so that they can be placed in positions most suited to their abilities.

Selection of Applicants: The recruitment service Quality Staff offers includes in-depth interviewing of applicants and careful preselection. This ensures that the candidates presented to you are the most suited to your special requirements.

Resume Preparation: You receive a detailed resume, and thorough reference checking is carried out following a detailed format that gets the real facts.

Talent Bank: Our talent bank contains details from a wide range of backgrounds. At your request we can search our files for the person most suited to your Company, which will save your valuable time.

Guarantee: A 'Replacement Guarantee', offering a free replacement of any applicants who leave the organization within 3 months of the commencement date. The Guarantee applies only if our invoice is settled within the formal trading period of fourteen days.

Advertising: Our Consultants are experienced in writing eye-catching advertisements attracting a variety of skilled people. Many prefer to make the first approach through Quality Staff in confidence, so our advertising is the vital link between you, the employer, and prospective employees. Advertising is charged to you at cost. A budget will be negotiated prior to the commencement of any work.

Keywords: Job Specification, Placement Service