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By: TVS Foam Products  20-Dec-2012
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TVS super soft SNORE NO MORE Pillow This TVS super soft SNORE NO MORE PILLOW is we believe, the only anti snore pillow available worldwide that actually reduces snoring for heavy back sleeping snorers. The medical profession say that the best way to stop snoring is to open up the airways, so we set out to research the shapes and designs that other manufacturers currently use for their anti snore pillows, and then we tried to identify why so many anti snore pillows fail miserably at reducing snoring for the majority of people. The human body needs proper deep sleep every day, so why on earth would you want to deprive someone of quality deep sleep? We at TVS Foam Products take the approach that it is best to allow the person to sleep soundly all night, on a soft comfortable pillow, without the need to wake them up. This totally new innovative design concept takes a completely fresh approach to bed pillow design for back sleepers. The pillow raises the sleeper’s shoulders above a horizontal plane, a bevelled edge in the middle of the pillow allows the head to gently tilt backwards naturally, this in turn opens up the airways allowing the sleeper to breathe easy whilst asleep, with a drastic reduction in snoring. Medically proven treatments for overcoming snoring are: 1. The Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS) is a denture like appliance placed inside the mouth, that brings the bottom jaw forward, which in turn sucessfully opens up the airways. 2. The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine and mask sucessfully opens up the airways by simply blowing air into the throat and lungs. 3. Medical professionals tell us that tilting back the head also opens up the airways, so it remains to be seen if over a period of time, perhaps this new concept pillow may eventually receive similar recognition for reducing snoring, considering that it is perfectly natural and non invasive, at a tiny fraction of the cost of above two remedies. Visit our website:

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