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Goose Down Surround Pillows from Guusdown Pillows & Quilts Australia

By: Guusdown Pillows & Quilts Australia  17-Nov-2013
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Brand New GUUSDOWN European Goose Down Surround Pillows ** 5 YEAR WARRANTY ** Comfortable sleep is essential in life for the refreshment of the mind, body and spirit. If you sleep on your SIDE or have a Broad Shoulder Line – The GUUSDOWN Polish Goose Down Surround Pillow is the ideal choice. It’s Inner Feather Core relieves strain on your neck muscles by providing just the right Height and Firmness, while also Cushioning your head with 2 Luxurious Layers of Pure White Polish Goose Downs. - Made RIGHT HERE in SOUTH AUSTRALIA by GUUSDOWN PILLOWS & QUILTS - ** Celebrating 12 YEARS EXPERIENCE in the Australian Feather & Down Industry & Counting! ** Polish Goose Down is Beautifully Luxurious, while also being a very Functional, Recyclable & Natural product. BEAUTIFULLY LUXURIOUS: Goose Down gives you the ultimate soft feel while also creating an air cell that cushions your head. FUNCTIONAL: Aside from it’s excellent insulatory properties, Down also naturally breathes, absorbing and drawing moisture and perspiration away from your head, preventing sweaty and clammy build up while you Sleep Soundly. RECYCLABLE: Feather & Down can give you literally a Lifetime of support due to it’s natural properties & applications. It can be a wholly recyclable and sound investment. Just as a duck’s feathers get wet your pillow will absorb moisture and perspiration over time, however with Correct Airing and a Regular 5-Yearly Rejuvenation, your investment will last you a lifetime! NATURAL: Our Down & Feather is sourced independently from Poland from Free Range Farms where Ducks and Geese roam free of cages while temperatures regularly plummet well below freezing. This, in turn produces very large, mature and insulatory Down and Feathers - All of which are collected, treated and processed so that they are completely chemical and bacteria free, giving you peace of mind as you lay your head. At Guusdown Pillows & Quilts Australia we continue our vision: To provide only the highest quality of Feather and Down bedding products, From only the very best European Suppliers, With the Very Best Customer Service, To each and every Customer and Friend. ** FREE REGISTERED AUS POST - AUSTRALIA WIDE ** ( YES ! Even in your Regional Areas - FREE Registered Australia Post ! ) SPECIFICATIONS: SIZE: Standard Pillow: 50cm x 70cm FILLING: OUTER: 90% White Polish Goose Down 10% White Polish Duck Feather INNER: 100% White German Duck Feather FABRIC: Our high quality down proof fabric is woven by one of the top houses in Austria with over 130years in the textile industry. The cotton is guaranteed to be sourced from controlled organic cultivation, free from chemicals throughout the planting, cultivation and weaving process. THREAD COUNT: Our high quality down proof fabric is tightly woven with a guaranteed 1 to 1 weave to stop feather and down escaping through the casing, whilst also stopping dust and dust mite from penetrating the case. Many companies use twisted yarns and multiple yarns that double the thread count but will not be a high quality effective down proof fabric. Very high quality 262 thread count. ASTHMA FRIENDLY AND HYPO ALLERGENIC: All products are encased in a high thread count cotton that is impenetrable to dust mite, making this pillow a very safe choice for asthma and allergy sufferers. OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100: All Guusdown products are manufactured to this International Standard and ensures no chemicals are used in manufacturing of the fabric, safe for you and safe for the environment. CHEMICAL FREE: Our Down and Feather is guaranteed to be treated at a minimum core temperature of 130 degrees Celsius without the use of any chemicals, this ensures that any bacteria is thoroughly eliminated and you are not sleeping with potentially harmful residues.

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