New Lucerne Finally Available!

By: Currency Creek Fine Fodder  08-Jan-2011
Keywords: Racing, Horse, Equestrian

Well finally we have some of our own quality new season pure lucerne hay available!  As we all know, we are experiencing an extremely cool, wet summer which has been a "nuisance" (an understatement) for most hay growers. The lack of warm weather has meant that the lucerne has not grown as quickly as usual and the damper conditions have meant that baling the hay has been extremely difficult.  Lucerne hay production is what many would describe as an art - with only a small window between being too damp or too dry to bale!!  Too damp results in bales turning mouldy and too dry results in leaf loss and crumbly hay.  We have limited supply of hay just baled so will be keeping our fingers crossed that in the next week we have warmer weather as we have more lucerne ready to cut and bale. Contact us now to have this quality hay delivered in the coming weeks.

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