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By: Ready4SUCCESS!  14-May-2013
Keywords: Early Learning, Learning Difficulties, Coordination

At Ready4SUCCESS we are able to help children to learn, read, write, spell, comprehend, listen, concentrate, focus, remember and attend better by training them to process auditory and other sensory information more accurately and efficiently. Ready4SUCCESS is also able to provide 1:1 tutoring either in your child's school or at our Brain Training Centre. We are also very happy to be able to advocate for your child and their learning needs through school visits with their teachers. Ready4SUCCESS also provides an Educational Consultancy for schools and their staff wishing to learn more about how best to teach children with Learing Difficulties and Learning Disabilities.

Keywords: Auditory Processing, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Brain Builder, Comprehension, Confidence, Coordination, Dyslexia, Early Learning, Language Delay, Learning Difficulties, Learning Disabilities, Organisation, Phonemic Awareness, Phonological Awareness, Reading Accuracy, Receptive and Expressive Language, Self-Esteem, Short Term Working Memory, Social Skills, Speech and Language, Spelling, The Listening Program, Well Being,