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By:  23-Feb-2011
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 At InkBeast we are more than just another ink retailer. Our mission is to supply our customers the best quality inks, toners and printer papers available at realistic prices.

After many months of research we came across Eternity ink. After many more months of testing and comparing we realised that we would not be able to find a better quality ink anywhere. The results were just undeniable. Eternity ink is the best without question. Our product is supplied under the CoralJet Label. We have a very unique relationship with our suppliers and all our products are fully guaranteed. We hope you enjoy using our inks and look forward to a long and happy business relationship with you.

New ETERNITY TM ink brings printing experience to the next level
With the availability of the ETERNITY™ ink, InkBeast Pty Limited has significantly enhanced small business, SOHO and home users’ daily printing experience. The ETERNITY™ ink is a high-end durable pigment ink recently developed with superb quality and excellent reliability, and it is now available in compatible inkjet cartridges.

The latest advanced technology is derived from a high quality pigment and superior formula. The end result is the most exciting and compelling printing experience ever – ETERNITY™ ink delivers sharp, crisp and vivid colors with excellent OEM color match on any kind of print media, thanks to its outstanding paper compatibility. To fulfill users’ increasing demand on ink quality, ETERNITY™ ink also offers uncompromising reliability, for which it is highly durable, fade proof, clog free, water proof, rub resistant and fast-drying.

With ETERNITY™ ink, your print-out images stay brilliant, crisp and clear even it had been stored in the most adverse environment for decades.

The ETERNITY™ ink is dedicated to both daily photo document printing applications, not only including the professional graphic designers for their artistic visual arts or the SOHO users for their business charts and graphs, but also the home users for their valuable everyday pictures.

“The introduction of ETERNITY™ ink marks a significant milestone of the enhancement of compatible ink cartridges’ quality”, says Joe Benson, General Manager of Ink Beast Pty Limited. “Ink Beast responds to the market trend and raised the printing quality standard by adding the ETERNITY™ ink to our cartridges. The ETERNITY™ brand clearly communicates with the end-users what they can expect when they use our cartridges. They enjoy long-lasting, durable print-outs with image quality very close to that of original printing supplies.”

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