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By: Back In Motion Brighton   09-Oct-2011
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No other health service draws out a more
emotional response than massage. Possibly you’ve
had one of those ‘killer’ deep tissue massages
that leaves you teary, but feeling a million dollars
the next day. Alternatively, you’ve had a soothing relaxation
massage that helps you shake off the stresses of
your day and transports you to cloud nine.

The simple fact is both the physical (tissue
manipulation) and emotional (relaxation) aspects
of massage work to reduce aches and pains,
whether caused by sport, injury or simply the
stresses and strains of modern life.


Here are a few reasons:

  • Sports, Remedial and Relaxation massages 
       are available
  • Massage is tailored with key areas of focus
       chosen by you and your physiotherapist
  • 6 specially designed therapeutic and aromatic 
       massage blends to choose from
  • Safe, professional environment 
  • There’s nothing like the expert hands of a physio
      that knows your body and understands your 
      pre-existing conditions, injuries etc.
  • A physio can identify problem areas and provide
      professional on the spot advice.

In the age of the 10 minute massage and the
kiosk masseuse, the importance of expertise and
professional knowledge in massage has never
been greater. Sporting clubs, athletes, and massage
devotees see our expert physios for a reason:
because we know your body and can identify the
root causes of aches, pains, and soreness, ensuring
a better result every time.

Designed for muscle recovery, this blend is for the
sports person and non-sports person alike. It’s all too
familiar scent of wintergreen, camphor, and pine, warms
and soothes as it penetrates deeply to heat and relax 
sore muscles.

The oils in the relaxation blend are reputedly some
of the best for promoting a peaceful and relaxed state.
This is a moment where you leave the rollercoaster
of work and home at the door, shut your eyes
and relax...

A specially designed therapeutic blend for easing those
aching joints. Incorporating ingredients from the leading
joint ease formulas including rosemary, pepper, and
marjoram, this blend continues to provide relief to those
with sore joints and joint conditions.

When you compound the likes of bergamot, patchouli,
sweet orange and a few more of natures finest extracts
you confront this magically holistic blend. Helping you to
find restful sleep and sweet dreams, this blend is also
used for peaceful baths and as a pre-bed ritual for many.

There’s something warm and familiar about this blend.
The notes of lavender, frankincense, ylang ylang and
cedar wood are so calming and simple. Clear you mind
and enjoy the subtlety of this blend.

A soothing sweet almond oil massage that is safe for
mums-to-be and new mums who breastfeed. Rich in
proteins and vitamin D, sweet almond is known for its
ability to soften and recondition the skin.

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