Horse health fact sheets launched

Horse health fact sheets launched from Dung Beetle Solutions Australia

By: Dung Beetle Solutions Australia  24-Mar-2015
Keywords: Horse Care, Horse Health, Horse Parasite Management

DBSA has collaborated with Horse SA to produce a series of 8 fact sheets covering: - No. 1: major challenges and how they can be met in general terms: subsequent fact sheets deal with specific aspects of this overall strategy - No. 2: a general look at ways to manage your small property, considering pasture, grazing systems and manure - No. 3: dung beetles and their benefits, and their interaction with toxic veterinary chemicals used for parasite control - No. 4: gut parasites of horses and the develop- ment of immunity to them, resistance to chemicals used to control them, and how to manage parasites to avoid developing resistance - No. 5: pests of horse pastures and the roles of chemical and biological control of these pests - No. 6: external parasites of horses (mites, lice, flies) and how best to control them - No. 7: how best to manage horse manure - No. 8: threats to dung beetles – predators, parasites, competitors, toxic agricultural and veterinary chemicals They are free to download from Horses Bugs & Beetles:

Keywords: Horse Care, Horse Health, Horse Parasite Management

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