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By: White Sage Holistics  08-Mar-2016
Keywords: Personal Development, Art Therapy, Anxiety and Depression

Some of our art therapies include; dream therapy, inner child communication and sand play therapy. Sandplay is a holistic approach to counselling. By using the confines of a tray to represent your world and miniature objects to represent all aspects of life, you are given the opportunity to display your inner world. It's a deep process which makes known what underlying factors are influencing the current situation you have chosen to present. Sandplay is a rapid method that gets to the heart of the issue quickly and easily. It bypasses the mind by working through the unconscious. Inner child communication helps us deal emotional pain associated with childhood. The vibration of words delivered with hate, anger or contempt can set up a life long response or pattern. For example if as a child you were told that you were hopeless, clumsy, or couldn’t do anything right, then when you hear this message again as an adult it will bring up the same past pain. If this pain is unresolved or repressed it can create emotional and energetic havoc during our adult existence. Dream therapy is an intriguing form of therapy, with the objective of providing relief and healing for the dreamer. Dream therapy essentially helps provide the dreamer with valuable insight into their dreams, allowing them to bring forth the messages from the unconscious mind to the conscious. They are then able to act on these messages by exploring the deep symbolism and imagery to help heal emotional and psychological scarring, and instill in them the self-belief that they have the key to unlock the mysteries of their mind and find purpose in their lives.

Keywords: Anxiety and Depression, Art Therapy, Dream Therapy, Pain Resolution, Personal Development,

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