By: The Magick of Jason L Schultz  09-Mar-2012
Keywords: Meditation, Workshops, Crystal Healing

.·.*·★ THE KEYS TO MEDITATION ★·*.·. Everyone can benefit from the wonders of Meditation. Stress Relief, Inner Peace, Personal Growth, Perspectives, Acceptance & Spirituality are all Keys to holistic well-being. Jason will guide you on a journey of self-discovery in an in-depth, fully comprehensive 6-week course.. Making accessible the arts of: Protection, Chakra Balancing & Cleansing, Awakening your Third Eye, Contacting Spirit Guide Energy, Issue & Obstacle Releasements, Culminating in a Celebration of Self-Acknowledgment & Personal Power.. Each week is an inspiring installment, consisting of two Meditations per evening, as well as interesting techniques that will enhance the experience making the Meditations more profound; enriching the individual with a wealth of support & information that will enable them to practice with confidence and serenity at home.. ______________________________________________________________________________________ .·.*·★MEDITATION... THE NEXT REALM ★·*.·. An enthralling 6 week companion workshop designed to deepen the Meditative experience by applying the wonderful techniques that you have attained during “The Keys To Meditation”. Exploring other dimensions of the Inner & Outer Consciousness ~ Past Life Exploration ~ Psychic Enhancement ~ Out of Body Experiences ~ Power Animals ~ Spiritual Healing ~ Spirit Communication _____________________________________________________________________________________ .·.*·★ THE POWER OF CRYSTALS ★·*.·. Throughout time Crystals have been prized & worshiped for their amazing Magickal & Healing abilities. In a 3 week course, Jason will reveal a practical application of these ancient gems, which will encourage you to understand & apply their subtle power to enhance your life. Learn how to: ~ Select Crystals for Yourself and Others ~ Meditate and Heal with Crystals ~ Create & Utilise Crystal elixirs ~ Grid with Crystals, Recognise Projective / Receptive stones ~ Cleansing, charging & programming crystals ~ Utilise the Healing & Magickal properties of crystals ~ Construct a Crystal first aid kit. __________________________________________________________________________________________ .·.*·★THE MYSTERIES OF PRACTICAL MAGICK ★·*.·. Tis the bewitching hour! Jason takes you on a Spell-Binding 6 week course, Illuminating the secrets of the ancient arts of Low Magick & the practical hands-on application of these powers for your everyday lifestyle. Each week delve into enchanting subjects such as ~ Candle Magick ~ Herbal Enchantments ~ Talismans & Charms ~ Brews & Potions ~ Poppets plus much, much more. Facilitating Protection, Love, Wealth, Healing & Psychic Power… There’s a little witch in us all! ______________________________________________________________________________________ .·.*·★ THE SECRETS OF THE TAROT ★·*.·. In a comprehensive 8 week workshop Unveiling the Ancient Art of Cartomancy. You will gain knowledge of the History of the cards as well as profound understanding of techniques & applications. This course is designed to provide you with the Symbology, Imagery & Energies of both Major & Minor Arcanas, facilitating Transformation, Healing & Guidance for yourself & others. * The "Rider Waite" card deck is a prerequisite for this course. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Register your place now!!! Workshop dates to be confirmed once classes are deemed full.

Keywords: Crystal Healing, Magick, Meditation, Metaphysical, New Age, Tarot Cards, Tarot Reading, Workshops

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