By: The Magick of Jason L Schultz  09-Mar-2012
Keywords: Spiritual Healing, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing

.·.*·★AURA & CHAKRA BODY BALANCING ★·*.·. Restoring and Energizing, this 30 min session will rejuvenate the Body, Mind and Spirit. Balancing and Cleansing the Aura and Chakras, This healing will harmonize the Physical, Mental and Emotional planes, promoting a sense of calm and well being. ____________________________________________________________ .·.*·★STONES OF THE GODDESS ★·*.·. (For Women) Harnessing the power of the Ancient Stones, This Crystalline Healing invokes the Magick of the Great Mother. In a renewing, nurturing place of peace allow the gentle Stones awaken, heal and soothe. Every experience is completely unique, tailored to each individual and their specific needs on a mental emotional physical and spiritual level... Leave linear time behind and experience the Goddesses embrace in the Eternal. _________________________________________________________________________________________ .·.*·★CELTIC SHAMANIC HEALING ★·*.·. (For Men) Jason will Channel the Ancient magickal powers of the Horned God of Nature. This potent healing will transcend the Time Space Continuum, reconnecting and aligning the individual to their primal essence which has long been neglected. Harnessing and directing the Five Elements of Nature - Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Akasha to cleanse, purify, heal, renew and balance. This healing will restore strength, resilience, power and serenity of the the Mind, Body, Aura and Spirit. ________________________________________________________________________________________ .·.*·★THE SACRED SPIRAL. ★·*.·. Inspired by Ancient Wisdoms this ultimate Pagan experience takes you on the journey of the Goddess and God. Spread over 5 sessions this potent ritual style healing will transcend the Time Space Continuum on a Soul level. This transforming experience harnesses the Five Elements of Nature to stimulate vital Life Force Essences which will saturate the body and renew the senses. Earth: Balances the body. Restoring resilience and physical harmony. Air: Cleanses and awakens the mind. Generating creativity, communication and focus. Fire: Ignites the sensation of feeling. Renewing our passions, unlocking our desires and awakening personal power. Water: Revitalises the emotions. Banishing past life issues, healing our heart and revelling in peace. Akasha: Opens us to embrace the Divine. Awakening intuition and our second-sight. These immense energies will cleanse, purify, heal and balance the Mind, Body, Aura & Spirit.

Keywords: Chakra Balancing, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Healing

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