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By: Objective Software Technology Pty  09-Dec-2011
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  • ABC Sprite Animation Framework. This is an integrated platform of 20 classes for high performance animation of 2D sprites. The sprite framework is extensible and supports a variety of image, effect and text sprite animations.
  • New FormTabControl for tabbed form embedding, transition effects and docksite support.
  • New message and progress dialog components.
  • New timeout component.
  • New dataset adapter framework for open dataset interfaces and BDE separation.
  • Redesigned designtime and runtime packages to partition database functionality.
  • New IDE features for complete Delphi 5 integration - Frames support, new property and component editors, ABC property category.
  • New IDE component hint browser.
  • Enhanced image transition effects extended to Animation Frame and Form Panel controls.
  • Menu toolbar and popup menu improvements.

The ABC Dataset Adapter Framework

This framework maps TDataset descendant class capabilities to a set of desired properties and methods used by ABC data controls.

An adapter design pattern used in this framework allows plug and play insertion of dataset classes and adapters without needing to recompile or modify the data controls.  Dataset classes are interchangeable, with runtime behaviour of the controls determined by the capabilities of the underlying dataset.

ABC data controls include custom actions for filtering, index selection, data navigation and other data actions.  Historically, these actions were limited to features of the BDE. 

In recent Delphi and C++ Builder releases, particularly Version 5 onwards, different databases use a variety of methods and support different subsets of this functionality in their TDataset descendant classes.  The ABC dataset adapter classes describe the TDataset class capabilities - mapping dataset class properties and methods to a standard set of properties and methods used by ABC controls.

The following figure illustrates the interfaces in the base classes and use of inheritance to override adapter methods:

The TabcDatasetAdapter class is a non-persistent lightweight object.  Descendant classes override its virtual methods to change capabilities and implementation details.  A new dataset adapter descendant class is created and registered for each TDataset descendant class.

No code is required to use these adapters; it is already built in to the ABC data controls.  All that is needed is to add the appropriate adapter unit to your project.  This registers the adapter class that will be used for each dataset class.  In future if you decide say, to replace TTable with TADOTable components, all that changes at the ABC component level is to substitute one adapter unit.

Dataset adapter classes are currently provided for the following databases:

DatabaseClasses Supported
BDETTable, TQuery, TStoredProc
ADOTADODataset, TADOTable, TADOQuery, TADOStoredProc
InterBaseTIBDataset, TIBTable, TIBQuery, TIBStoredProc
Flash FilerTffTable
AdvantageTadsTable, TadsQuery
Titan AccessTtaTable, TtaQuery, TtaStoredProc
ODBC ExpressToeDataset, ToeQuery
ASTATAstaClientDataset, TAstaDataset

, TCBQuerySet


Both ABC Pro and Runtime versions include all source for the adapter classes to encourage sharing and development of this framework. 

We are adding other database and dataset support as requested by customers - please contact us to see if your database and dataset are now supported.

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ABC for Delphi Release Notes

Delphi 4 Version 4.0 Build 5.104, Update Pack 2 or 3; Delphi 5 Version 5.0 Build 5.62; Delphi 6 Version 6.0 Build 6.240 Update Pack 2; C++ Builder 4 Version 4.0 Build 14.11 Update Pack 1; C++ Builder Version 5.0 Build 12.34; C++ Builder Version 6.0 Build 10.155 or higher. Some older video drivers have trouble handling the quantity of images that the Delphi IDE's component palette places in its internal ImageList control.



Aggregate components are most often used as business components to encapsulate business logic and user interface controls; to create complex user interface controls such as toolbars and editors; and as a tool for increasing productivity and object reuse on larger projects. TRANSFORM is a Delphi IDE Expert that lets you convert entire forms including form properties and events, into a single component that can be reused inside other forms.


ABC 5 Press Release

ABC is a complete user interface toolkit, with over 220 components to enhance all aspects of user interface design, data presentation and application support. Objective Software Technology announces immediate availability of version 6 of its visual component library, ABC for Delphi.


ABC Version 5 Release Notes

When DateFormatString is empty, the default dfShort or dfLong or dtkTime format is set, using the Delphi date and time formatting variables in SysUtils. To make the information more readable, you can add body text to the format string by enclosing it in single quotes. They are defined by the following groups of characters:"d" The one- or two-digit day. Added several new properties to allow custom display formatting of dates and times.


ABC for Delphi Release 4.2.4

There are five new components on the ABC Toolbar palette: TabcMainMenu, TabcPopupMenu, TabcSystemMenu, TabcMenuToolbar and TabcMenuImages. Features include the ability to add or hide items on the system menu, a wide variety of painting styles, animation and sound effects. New animated bitmap menus are now available on floating toolbars, the system menu and popup menus.