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By: Budget Dentistry  17-Sep-2015
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Crowns A crown is essentially a “cap or a hat ” to strengthen a broken or damaged tooth or to improve aesthetics. Once fitted the crown is cemented to the tooth so it won’t shift or become loose. There are a number of materials that can be used to make a crown, including gold alloys,porcelain or ceramics. As with bridges, the contour and colour of the crown is designed to strengthen as well as fit harmoniously in with your regular teeth. Bridges A bridge is a series of crowns fused together and is used to replace a series of missing or teeth. Essentially, the bridge is cemented to your natural teeth on either side of the empty space. This anchors the bridge into position. A bridge is a permanent, non-removable part of your dental structure. It can keep your teeth from “shifting” and loosening, thus avoiding additional dental problems down the road. The bridge itself is made out of the same material as crowns and blends in with the natural structure and colour of your regular teeth. Dentures As you know, dentures can be uncomfortable and loose for many people. This is often due to bone loss or lack of teeth for the denture to hang on to. Dental implants* have changed the ball game. If you have single or many teeth missing, even no teeth at all, we can place implants in your mouth. We do this by attaching crowns , bridges or complete arches of teeth to the implants. This is the closest thing to having your original teeth. Payment Plans Over the years we have often heard people say that dentistry is unaffordable, so we decided something about it and this is how it works. Our practice offers two financial options (subject to criteria) which will need to be set up after your initial consultation but prior to treatment starting. To qualify for either of these plans, you must be an Australian citizen and/or resident; over 18 years old; currently employed (or receiving a carer’s or disability allowance) ; not bankrupt and with no debt agreements in place. Denticare You need to pay 30% of the amount of the treatment plan as an upfront payment then the rest may be deducted as weekly, monthly or fortnightly amounts directly from your credit card or bank account by Denti Care, giving you peace of mind. The time frame is something that is set by us and will vary with the treatment plan size. It is nowhere as long as Mac Credit. Minimum treatment plan amount is $1000 and maximum $12,000. There is zero % interest rate and no credit checks. There is a once-off initial set up fee of $39.00 Credit card surcharges may apply. Mac Credit Specifically designed for clients having Dental & Orthodontic treatments Finance that works for you No up front deposits Can be paid off over up to 84 months Payment plans up to $70,000 Extended finance options to suit every budget Over the phone transfer Fast efficient approvals, simply apply online Can be used with some Centrelink patients as well but not for Single parents, New start or Youth Allowance. For more information contact Mac Credit

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