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By: Book A Plumber Online  28-Nov-2014
Keywords: Repair Leaking Toilet, Toilet Suite Installation,

Is your toilet leaking? This is a very common problem. The toilet has a wax seal underneath and sometimes water leaks from its base. You will notice this problem if you see water around the toilet’s base, and the cause is not the bowl overflowing. The wax ring around the toilet acts as a seal for the water and also for the sewer gases. If the water leaking from the base of the toilet brings a strong smell of the sewer gases, you need to fix the seal between the toilet and the flange. Call 1300 475 862 and we will fix the leak in no time and with no mess. The toilet will be removed and a new wax ring will be installed. Sometimes the water leaks from the tank. The toilet handle lifts a flapper that holds the water in the tank. When you lift the flapper, water drains from the toilet water tank. If the flapper is corroded or old, the toilet tank can start leaking. This can translate in higher water bills and a noise of a constantly running toilet each time it’s flushed. Our Plumber can fix this problem fast, replacing the flapper. If going to the bathroom you find water at the rear of your suite, then the problem might be the supply pipe. The supply pipe carries water from the water supply valve behind the suite to the cistern tank. These tube is connected to both the water supply and the water tank. Book A Plumber Online can detect this problem and fix it in no time preventing further water damage.

Keywords: Repair Leaking Toilet, Toilet Suite Installation,

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