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By: Redbean  09-Dec-2011
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Smart organisations employ, nurture and retain smart people. They do this through an unrelenting desire to help their people flourish and prosper.

Learning and performance are the keys to developing your people. People want to learn and they want to perform well. The more you can assist them to do both the stronger your organisation will be. And the first step is to combine these two functions.
Merging work and learning is the one most effective thing you can do to improve your people’s performance, their productivity and satisfaction.

And you do that by changing from the typical attitude of ‘training as a cost’ to the smart attitude of ‘learning as an investment’.

Redbean has built its reputation on helping organisations worldwide to develop into a great place to work. The services Redbean offers to raise the value of your human capital are the foundation to helping you build a high performance organisation.

These include:

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improve your business with technology and new media

To be successful any organisation needs to create a customer experience that is easy, satisfying and memorable and forms a strong and lasting relationship. Smart use of technology can be the unique competitive advantage that sets you apart and makes the difference between an ordinary or a great business. This will, more than all your other marketing activities, define, reflect and enhance your organisational culture and brand.


business strategy & planning services - business strategy planning

The following are a selection of recent events where Redbean's Paul McKey has successfully use synergy building strategies to lead the facilitation of senior executive and staff groups to reach specific organisational outcomes. Establishing Strategic Directions, defining Key Performance Indicators and aligning all activity to these strategies can improve productivity and outcomes at all levels of an organisation.


Redbean - international business improvement specialists

Improved performance through synergised business practices, competitive and efficient processes, smarter technology and engaged people all add up to your organisation leading in your field. Redbean works with you to develop and improve your competitive advantage whatever your industry sector. Redbean offers a range of services to support excellence in your three critical areas - business.


business strategy & planning services - performance modeling

Redbean has extensive experience in the design and facilitation of organisational development processes and we utilise our proven Performance Modeling techniques to support your key areas of business. Custom research and analysis into your organisation’s capability and effectiveness in the areas of Smart Business, New media, Experience design, Learning and performance.


about redbean

Based upon actual research in your organisation rather than technologists guessing what you want, Experience Design offers a unique view of your organisation that your competitors can’t match. The following example from David Armano shows a typical process for developing and implementing an experience design for your organisation.


smart business design - business improvent services

While your competitors languish in the industrial age we assist you to fully understand the opportunities and risks confronting an information age organisation. Smart Business Design will fast track the success of your Small to Medium Enterprise introducing innovative smart business, technology and people practices. You will get an appraisal of your business capability and the steps required to support your strategies within a week.