By: CyberGuru  25-Feb-2015
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Instead of fumbling through a 1000 page manual just to find the keystroke command for copy and pasting, call on us. We able to help you if you strike a coalmine instead of a goldmine! From the beginner to the expert computer user, sometimes we need some extra tuition to learn how to get the job done. CyberGuru offers training in all aspects of your computer including but not limited to Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and the internet for people of all experience levels and ages. Whether you would just like a refresher course so you can next time remember how to install software on your computer without having to ask your children or need to be taught in-depth about a particular computer program you are trying to use, we would be happy to help! We’ll even give you the keystroke for copy and pasting! So to prevent striking that coalmine, contact us today!

Keywords: Business and Commercial Training, Computer Education, Computer Education & Training, Computer Software Training, Computer Training, Job Training, Personal Development

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