Krystel Kleer ADV5000 Wastewater Treatment PLant

By: Quality Tanks  06-Sep-2011
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At Quality Tanks QLD, we manufacture the Krystel Kleer Wastewater Treatment System for both domestic and commercial markets across QLD and further abroad through our agents. The home sewage treatment systems are manufactured in our production yard and cater for any number of people from 2 to 400 or more. The concrete wastewater treatment systems along with the plastic septic tanks are manufactured to meet the highest standard. There are a number of models available in the Krystel Kleer range. Each are designed to meet the needs of various household and commercial requirements while still meeting the standards under the juristiction of the many Local Councils in QLD and other state in Australia where the work is carried out. The Krystel Kleer ADV5000 Secondary Advanced System is recommended for households where dispersal areas are limited and caters for up to 10 people. Traditional chlorine is used to cleanse and disinfect the waste ready for irrigation. Being a Secondary Advanced System, allows the option of smaller dispersal area requirements and also allows for setback variations. Local Councils set guidelines for this and we at Quality Tanks can advise you of these requirements. The Krystel Kleer is currently licenced for use in Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory and South Australia. Quality Tanks also manufactures through our sister companies 'Allways Polytec Pty Ltd and 'Krystel Kleer Pty Ltd a range of plastic septic tanks. Our plastic septic tanks are of the highest quality ensuring long lasting usage and low maintenance. Through our research and development and also producing and maufacturing for biocycle and envirocycle, Quality Tanks is a one-stop shop to builders, plumbers, and home owners. We offer manufacturing, distribution and installation services for our comprehensive range of Sewage Treatment systems and Rain water Tanks.We are agents for Davey Pumps and Thomas Gardner Denvar products as well. Here at Quality Tanks provide you with an all round service, from production of a rain water tank though raw product stage, delivery and installation and then providing you with a continuing superior back-up service.

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