Dam Liners Installation

By: Dam Liners For Commercial, Rural   14-Mar-2015
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Where soil conditions are poor, quite often the only way to prevent leakage from a dam is with a dam liner. With the proper preparation it is possible to install a dam liners yourself. But there are some considerations: You must prepare the site, and there must be no water in it You will need a number of helpers, usually at least 1 person for every 8 m of dam liner that will have to be pulled. So if you are pulling an edge that is 40 m wide, we recommend at least 5 people help out. You will need to dig a suitable trench all the around to anchor the liner After installation you should cover or backfill liner to extend its life and protect the liner against UV degradation. Anchor Trench Excavate a continuous perimeter trench on a stable berm surrounding the pond/dam site by means of trench digger or by means of an angled grader blade. The trench should be far enough from the edge of the berm to provide adequate anchorage. Allow for a minimum backfill of 500 mm over the buried liner. Protrusions and Venting Dam liner penetrations shall be subject to designed requirements for operational purposes. Approved foundations, pads and footings shall be provided to obtain a stable liner at penetrated positions. Sealing of protruded structural or servicing elements to the liner membrane shall be provided by an approved means that will avoid concentrated liner stress points and provide a permanently sealed point. Provision shall be made to allow the passage to the surface of all gasses and springs without damage to the liner.

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