Past Life Healing

By: Energy Healing with the Zenna Method at Rise Beyond  02-Mar-2011
Keywords: Energy Healing, Holistic Health, Emotional Healing

Our unfinished business or issues from our own past incarnations or even our ancestors incarnations can cause problems in our present lives.  These are carried into our present lives to be resolved and cleared.  A lot of these past life issues are not just resent past lives - they can go back many thousands of years from numerous lifetimes.  These past lives may even be from other dimensions.

I work with a pendulum and charts which lead me to past emotional states, fears, karmic issues, cellular memories, core imprints, negative family patterning, chakra blockages, distortions in the higher subtle bodies, and further details on past life events as required. Once all these factors have been identified, the issue can be resolved.  Once a completion occurs we are freed of the behaviour patterns that keep us stuck in reaction instead of choice and are able to make more conscious choices, as well as free our body pain and dis-ease. 

The process is very simple but incredibly effective as Spirit Guides carry out the clearings.  Spiritual healing will enable you to initiate a transformation so you can align your life with more constructive and productive thoughts, and health and happiness will flow in automatically.

Keywords: Emotional Healing, Energy Healing, Holistic Health, Past Life Healing

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