No presence of cancer after Energy Healing with the Zenna Method

By: Energy Healing with the Zenna Method at Rise Beyond  02-Mar-2011
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"Fate’’ introduced me to Zenna healing in 2009 as a guinea pig for a Zenna Healing course of which Amanda and Ashleigh were students.

In May 2010 I was diagnosed with a melanoma in my nostril and immediately thought of Zenna.  Luckily for me I was able to contact Brian Cattermole - the Founder of the Zenna Method - and arrange a healing soon afterwards. 

I have always been sceptical of conventional medicine and fearful of some of its treatments so was happy to try something gentle and safe.  I have always been open to alternative remedies and used Homeopathy for many years.  I always wondered what I would do if faced with a serious illness but when it happened I felt that I had nothing to lose by trying Zenna.  My husband is more for conventional medicine but even he surprised me by saying that I should try it as it wouldn't hurt me.

My session with Zenna master Brian Cattermole was 3 days later and lasted for 4 hours although it didn't seem that long.  At the start Brian told me the findings of the readings he had done on me beforehand, with my permission of course.  He said that I had just the one cancer and after the session that it would not return. I remember his words all the time. 

For the most part I was lying still doing nothing whilst I was being worked on by spirit but there was one part where I had to deal with emotional issues that were the cause of my dis-ease.  I have always believed that the cause of an illness should be found and treated so that it doesn't recur so I believed in this healing wholeheartedly.  I was very emotional dealing with my issues but afterwards felt so much better and stronger and Brian said that I would feel that way for the rest of my life.  There was one point where I felt these amazing vibrations all through my body and I didn’t want it to stop.

At the end I thought "Was that all I had to do? Surely I needed to do more to get well."

The next day however I felt amazing. I knew I was cured and was euphoric. I felt so humble and grateful and lucky and wanted to tell the whole world!  I started with family and friends and got mixed reactions but my enthusiasm and belief made them happy for me.   A week later I decided to have surgery to remove the melanoma as I had not been able to sleep properly for months. I still wonder if that was the right decision.  Brian said I had to decide. 

It was not pleasant and the after effects lasted months.  I was also talked into having a lymph node in my neck removed to check for the cancer spreading.  I could tell that the doctors were convinced it would be bad news but I knew otherwise and that was confirmed with news that surrounding tissue and nodes were clear of cancer.  My cancer was extremely rare with only one other case in New Zealand. 

The cancer specialist offered radiotherapy and after I refused it said that he thought I had made the right decision as the treatment was extremely unpleasant, could cause other problems and also cancer itself.

So the problem is "how do you tell others about this amazing healing?"

From my experience those who are looking will find it.  Most people are sceptical but if faced with a serious illness why wouldn't you try it.  You have nothing to lose unlike other treatments.  I am telling everyone I encounter who is willing to listen in the hope that they will pass it on to others who can then be cured.

Zenna saved my life and I am eternally grateful.

Jan, New Zealand

Keywords: Emotional Healing, Energy Healing, Holistic Health, Spiritual Healing

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