This is why people are choosing Energy Healing

By: Energy 4 Healing  25-Mar-2011
Keywords: Healing, Reiki, Spiritual Healing

Humans are electromagnetic beings and that is why it makes perfect sense that we are choosing energy healing as our number one healing modality.

Emotional and physical well-being arises when the chakras are healthy and life force energy can flow freely to all parts of the body. Good health is a consequence of higher body frequencies and alignment of the higher subtle bodies.

The Zenna Method is known to clear and balance the chakras and boost energy, as well as release emotional issues and accelerate the physical healing process. This type of healing is very effective for individuals suffering from illness and great for those suffering from physical afflictions caused by either sports injuries, post surgery wounds and broken bones (after they’ve been set in a cast)! Energy healing is also recognized for its capacity to rapidly speed up recovery time by up to ten times quicker than normal. Broken bones can mend in as little as two weeks.

Another benefit is The Sweep. This procedure neutralizes toxic material held in the body. It has been found to be of great benefit for those who work in toxic environments and those needing to boost the immune system after chemotherapy.  It’s also the only method known to avoid a healing crisis which often accompanies energy movement.

After a Zenna session some clients have reported feeling light-headed for a few days, but when this subsides they have found an increase in energy levels and health problems often become less or disappear. It is very common to feel more peace and well-being.

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