Latest Fish Attractant for Lures

By: Direct Publishing  23-Oct-2015
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Catch More Fish With Latest Fish Attractant for Lures. Made in Australia By Dizzy Scent. If you enjoy fishing and would like to increase the chance of catching more fish on your next excursion, you might want to consider using a little fish attractant for lures, made in Australia by Dizzy Scent. These tasty fish scents have been proven to attract more fish to your hook. With several flavours to choose from, fish won’t have much choice but being attracted to the specially formulated scents on your hook or lure. Imagine if you brought along some Dizzy Scent on your next fishing trip, compared to some other bait, to the fish, your bait will be irresistible. Dizzy Scent have been manufacturing Fish Attractant for Lures for many years, and their scents have been known to increase the number of strikes from fish up to 100% compared to identical lures without attractants. Below are four of the most popular fish attractants available from the Dizzy Scent online store: • Ghost - No added smell apart from the natural smell from the fish attracting ingredients. • CLF - As per Ghost however it does have added effect of colouring. • Garlic - Contains a hit of Garlic scent and Green colouring • Aniseed - Contains a hit of Aniseed scent and Red colouring We have provided this information to give fisher people a greater understanding and a better head start when next out fishing. Knowing about our secret fish bait enables anglers to have more fun whilst catching more fish. Of course, selecting your own natural fish bait is great too, but if you want a chance to catch more fish, we recommend to give Dizzy Scent's Dizzy Scent's Fish Attractant for Lures and Fish Attractants for Soft Plastics a try.

Keywords: Fish Attractant for Lures, Fish Attractant for Soft Plastics,

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When using fish attractants for lures, the secret word is Slow! It's a fact scented baits catch more fish. Because of that, scented lures of various styles are today very popular...


Fish Attractant for Lures

Which scents are best suited for Australian bass fishing? Fish can smell the scent in the water and feel its attraction. When they bite they taste the lure and think it is nice to eat. Using soft plastic lures works best for bass.


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