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By: Plastic2go  09-Oct-2013
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Plastic crates are used for storage of various goods and for shipping from one location to another. The goods are positioned in a crate, with or without cover, and set or stacked onto a pallet loaded onto a transportation vehicle such as truck or train car and shipped to its destination. Plastic crates provide protection of shipped and stored goods from damage or breakage and simplify the handling of goods. Plastic crates have been available on the market for about 28 years. In recent years, plastic crates have gained significant market presence and continues to grow. Plastic2go offers a range of plastic crates, including 300x400, 600x400, agricultural, food plastic crate, RPC-Reusable, and X-Custom.

Keywords: Foldable Crates, Plastic Crate,

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Plastic pallets

Pallets are used for transportation and shipping of various goods, mainly from distributor to the final destination.

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Plastic Pallets, Crates and Bulk Containers for Export

Plastic2go's pallets, crates and bulk containers are highly suitable for exporting goods from Australia or importing goods into Australia. They are specially designed for Return Packaging Systems – they are durable and hygienic, but also light and foldable. Plastic2go offers plastic pallets that fit precisely into shipping containers. On the return trip, these plastic pallets can be nested, greatly reducing space and shipping costs.

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Plastic Bulk Containers

Plastic2go's plastic bulk containers significantly save customer’s money, time and effort spent on quarantine procedures. Plastic bulk containers are ideal for storing wine and food. They're stronger, lighter and more hygienic, which means they can save even more money on typical usage. Plastic2go's bulk containers are foldable, stackable and easy to clean. They come in Export, ISO, Euro or Jumbo sizes, to suit customer’s load and dimension requirements.

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Plastic Pallets Save Money

According to the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service’s article ‘Imported packaging materials: addressing the quarantine risks’: "The quarantine risk posed by timber packaging is a global concern. Any longer term solution will involve regional or international action on wooden packaging and treatment. Options such as a total ban on timber packaging may need to be considered."

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Strong Plastic Crates

Plastic2go's plastic crates significantly saves companies space and money. They are strong and hygienic, they do not break in humidity and they won’t need to be replaced. Plastic2go's crates are foldable, stackable, nestable and easy to clean. They come in different sizes to suit individual load and dimension requirements.