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By: West End Natural Therapies Centre  15-Oct-2015
Keywords: Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage Pregnancy Massage Sports Massage Trigger Point Relaxation Massage (Swedish) Relaxation massage is about enhancing emotional wellbeing through gentle application of touch. It aims to relax and ease both physical and emotional tension. People who feel stress often benefit from this type of massage - stress can often lead to tightening of muscles in the body. Using oil, relaxation massage uses long, soothing strokes to aid in blood and lymph circulation, toxin release, ease aches and pains, and promote deep relaxation. Deep Tissue/Remedial Massage Deep Tissue refers to the pressure which is applied throughout the massage - it is exerted using hands, fingers, elbows, palms, and knuckles . Techniques are applied with firm pressure, aiming to provide effective treatment to affect the deeper musculo-skeletal system structures. It is best known to help release chronic tension, soft tissue tension, and pain associated with stress, overexertion, and injury. The massage may include the use of trigger points - these are areas of increased metabolic waste deposits in a muscle, which can cause referred pain or sensations to other parts of the body. This technique can be contraindicated with certain health conditions, therefore a thorough consultation is required prior to deep-tissue massage. Deep, slow breathing is essential to facilitate relaxation and tension release throughout the body. Remedial Massage concentrates on specific problem areas to help bring relief to the area. It is recommended as treatment for frozen shoulder, back pain, headaches/migraine and anything else that is localised to an area on the body that is causing discomfort. Pregnancy Massage Pregnancy and postpartum massage is performed in a side-lying position using many pillows and wedges for comfort. The traditional massage table with cutout holes is not used in it's usual way, because laying face down puts an unhealthy strain on the lower back and uterine ligaments. Any massage technique can be requested, but deep-tissue is not recommended. Sports Massage Sports Massage uses a variety of techniques to enhance athletic performance and reduce the incidence of injury. It accelerates the restorative process and increases the training and competitive capacity of the athlete. The treatment usually encompasses: Pre-event Post-event During competition and/or during training & conditioning Restoration & rehabilitation (for chronic and acute problems of the athlete) Exercise can place an enormous stress on the body. It can bring about progressive fatigue and a decrease in effectiveness in the athlete's activity and therefore, become more injury prone. During intense training and conditioning, stress is placed on the tendons and ligaments, sometimes stretching them in excess and tearing the muscle fibres. Fluid accumulates in the tissue - creating soreness and stiffness. Sports Massage techniques stimulate circulation and loosen the muscle fibres that have been bound together. It enhances lymph circulation, lubricating the muscles and decreasing friction; removing toxins and acids.

Keywords: Massage Therapy

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