Quad 4000 Gutter Vacuum

Quad 4000 Gutter Vacuum from Gutter Vacuums

By: Gutter Vacuums  10-Apr-2015
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The 4000 Quad Contractor Vac is a versatile gutter vacuum system powered by an electrical Generator. This self energised vacuum system is a contractor grade unit at a budget price. The vacuum power plant incorporates 4 bypass vacuum generators integrated into one powerful system. Creating huge air flow the leaves, twigs, silt, mud and general gutter debris is sucked out of the gutters at close to 500 cfm. Excellent as a spill control vacuum. This Contractor Vacuum can be used as a spill control system for water, chemicals, oils and most liquids and solids suspended in liquids. Compared to our heavier PD Blower vacuums this is the light weight version that packs some serious punch.

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