Post Harvest Solutions extend shelf life fresh produce

Post Harvest Solutions extend shelf life fresh produce from BIOPAC PTY LTD

By: BIOPAC PTY LTD  15-Nov-2016
Keywords: Fruit & Vegetables, Organic Fruit, Organic Vegetables

Biopac supply POST HARVEST solutions to extend shelf life of fresh produce,fruit,vegetables,flowers remove ethylene,bacteria,fungi,odors from cold room and export containers reduce rots ,molds slow the ripening process,maintain firmness retain chlorophyll for fresh green stems reduce moisture loss and dehydration reduce wastage of fruit and vegetables and flowers during storage,transport,export grapes sulfur dioxide pad so2 pad generator grapes guard ,stop development of the fungus Botrytis cinerea on grapes hellas from Chile ,laminated so2 grape pads Matesa from chile biopac MAP bag extend shelf life fresh produce 60 days for plum 45 days for cherry lychees ,broccoli,passion fruit,cherries,plums, nectarine,peaches,figs,pear,rockmelon,parsnip, capsicum,tomatoes,zucchini,

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