By: Wildlife Answers  11-Jan-2011
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Due to recent weather conditions snakes are appearing in an around suburban homes. loking for shelter.

If a snake is discovered in or around your home, DO NOT try to deal with it yourself....Phone for an expert... a licenced SNAKE CATCHER

WILDLIFE ANSWERSprovides an experienced and professional service with a trained and insured snake handler who if needed can safely remove a snake from your home or business.

We are happy to chat with you about your snake situation, and will try to help you with your situation without costing you a bundle of money.

We are happy for you to send us a picture of the snake you have see and we will give you some idea of what type of snake it might be..(100% accuracy in snake id is done by counting scales on the snake so pictures cannot be 100% identified)...

We are happy to talk to you about ways to protect you and yours from accidently having a snake inside or worse losing a pet to a snake..our advice is FREE..

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