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By: Wide Bay-burnett Pest Management  28-Mar-2012
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TERMIDOR Residual Termiticide TERMIDOR is applied as a continuous chemical soil zone around and under the home. Some termiticides are repellent and rely on keeping termites away from treated structures. While such products are toxic to termites, very few of the termites are actually killed before being repelled by the termiticide barrier. As a result, termites remain alive and actively seek gaps in the barrier in order to gain access to the building. They do this day after day, year after year until they find a way through. TERMIDOR is non-repellent to termites. This means that they cannot detect the product and will not avoid the treated area. As a result, termites continue to forage through the soil until they encounter  TERMIDOR and pick up a lethal dose. TERMIDOR Dust TERMIDOR Dust is the culmination of over 10 years research in Australia to find the perfect termite nest elimination product. TERMIDOR Dust is applied by professional Pest Control Operators directly on to the termites, either inside your house or onto activity around the yard (trees, fences etc). TERMIDOR Dust is also perfect for treating active termite bait stations. After treatment, the termites carry the dust particles on their bodies and eventually back to the nest (where ever that may be) via the unique Transfer EffectTM. Extensive Australian research proves that it takes as little as 2 to 4 weeks for total termite elimination. This is much faster than expensive baiting systems and you will not require numerous visits from the Pest Control Operator to achieve success. Transfer Effect Thanks to Termidor’s unique “Transfer Effect™”, termites don’t even need to ingest or contact TERMIDOR in order to die from it. All they need to do is make contact with another termite that has already contacted or ingested TERMIDOR. This is because termites that come into contact with TERMIDOR collect it on their bodies. They then become carriers that spread TERMIDOR to other termites and eventually back to the nest. Termites are social insects that live together in large colonies and feed and groom each other. The “Transfer Effect™ ” makes most of this. It’s a key reason why no other termiticide performs as well as TERMIDOR. Learn more about the Transfer Effect™

Keywords: Termite Control

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