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By: onlinewaterproofingshop  16-Feb-2016
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Drizoro Maxplug is a quick-setting hydraulic expanding cement that instantly stops running water from cracks, holes or other openings in concrete and masonry, once it sets. It does not contract and sets within three to five minutes depending on the temperature. It only requires water for mixing. BUY NOW - onlinewaterproofingshop.com/product/maxplug/ Stops running water, seal leaks instantly in concrete surfaces and solid masonry. For emergency repairs on water pipes. For broken pipes, Drizoro Maxplug will even work when the pipes are under pressure. Emergency plugging of gas leaks. To anchor bolts and other accessories that require immediate use. In basements, tunnels and sewers, to stop water under pressure.

Advantages The coating allows the base to transpire and thereby eliminates water vapour. Stops running water or any leaks and waterproofs the surface to which it is applied. Does not contract, or become weak due to its exothermic reactions (warms while curing) It actually increases in volume. Drizoro Maxplug is a rapid set, three to five minutes, may be controlled (either speed up or slowed down) by adding warm or cold water. The setting may even be instantaneous. It is the proper maintenance material for homes and industry. It is not toxic when it comes into contact with drinking water. Its mechanical properties are comparable to those of concrete, and in some cases even superior. It sets under water. Demo Video on how to use - youtu.be/R5Kl7JkTFyc onlinewaterproofingshop.com

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Maxseal withstands both positive and negative hydrostatic pressures. Requires application on wet substrates. The coating allows the substrate to breath and thereby it does not form a water vapour barrier. Final layer of MAXSEAL can work as a decorative finish, saving further enhancing paint costs. Easy to use and no maintenance required. Resistant to aggressive environments sea coasts and zones with atmospheric pollution. It resists weathering and freeze/thaw cycle

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Learn How to Identify and repair Spalling Concrete or Concrete Cancer in your Building onlinewaterproofingshop.com/concrete-spalling-repairs Drizoro Maxrest is quick-setting - 15 to 20 minutes – fast repair process, Becomes part of the substrate, & repairs are structurally sound, DOES NOT slump or need FORMWORK, does not shrink or crack when setting just trowel into the concrete cancer. • Odour-free and non-toxic, ideal to use in badly ventilated places, such as water tanks, shafts, sewers