Instant Heat Pack

Instant Heat Pack from Instant Bio-Pack

By: Instant Bio-Pack  02-Mar-2011
Keywords: Massage Therapy, Neck Pain, Low Back Pain

The Instant Bio-Pack portable heat pack can give you instant heat in any situation with a click of a button and are reusable!
Heat packs are also great for outdoor recreational activities including: Camping, fishing, diving, golfing, climbing, skiing, cycling, hiking and many more! Great for all ages, the Instant Bio-Pack hot packs and cold packs are a very versatile product.
Instant Bio-Pack is completely safe. It contains sodium acetate (a non-toxic, food grade salt solution), water and a small stainless steel disc. Best of all, it can be used hundreds of times!
Heat therapyhas been shown to be excellent for providing pain relief for strains, cramps, pulled muscles, arthritic pain, lower back pain, neck pain and many other ailments that affect the quality of life. They are even a great hand warmer!

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