SOS 100% Natural Weight Loss Shake

SOS 100% Natural Weight Loss Shake from Aztec Natural Foods

By: Aztec Natural Foods  18-Dec-2015
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Simple, fast and easy weight reduction! Aztec Natural Foods have the Perfect Solution For You……. if you are serious about Weight Loss and want to lose those extra inches then SOS 100% Natural Meal Replacements may be just for you. SOS Meal Replacement has been formulated after exhaustive research and is a carefully balanced natural Weight Loss Shake that contains; •No chemicals •No Preservatives, •No Artificial Sweeteners •No hunger suppressants so you know it is completely safe to use 7 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD TRY IT! VERY AFFORDABLE – At less than $1.90 per serve SOS Meal Replacement offers exceptional value for money. ENHANCED FAT BURNING – SOS 100% Natural Meal Replacements are specially formulated with Fat-Burning L-Carnitine. This naturally occurring substance helps to transport fatty acids into energy and metabolises fat. LOW GI – The unique recipe of Low G.I. ingredients combats that empty feeling and keeps you regular with out feeling bloated. as well as essential Vitamins, Minerals, Protein and Fibre required in a healthy and fast acting weight loss meal replacement. NOTHING ARTIFICIAL – Free from sugar, malt, artificial sweeteners, flavours or chemicals this totally natural Protein food source is packed with essential micro-nutrients, antioxidants, Calcium and good fats (Omega 3). GLUTEN FREE – SOS 100% Natural Meal Replacements are Gluten Free and manufactured under strict quality control. It is safe for Celiacs and people who need to avoid wheat based food products. QUICK AND EASY – The specially selected ingredients make you feel fuller for longer and helps to reduce those hunger pangs without making you feel bloated. For a delicious shake mix 3-4 tablespoons with Water, Vegetable Juice, Yoghurt, Low Fat Milk, Rice or Soy Milk. Simply substitute one serve in place of your breakfast, lunch or dinner. IT WORKS – The reason it works is quite simple. It’s not just about counting calories….It’s not even about being on a low fat diet…..Its about converting body fat into energy! In every serve your body receives a combination of energy producing elements and Amino Acids which act to transport fatty acids and metabolize fat. The low G.I. ingredients also work to regulate blood sugar levels which in turn reduce the yearning for that sugar fix. Unlike many crash diets, weight loss programs and weight loss shakes that often only have a short term effect; SOS Meal Replacement can also be used for prolonged periods and because it is so good for you it can become part of your overall health regime. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE With the hundreds of different weight loss shakes on the market and a plethora of expensive weight loss programs and diet pills each with their own you could be forgiven for being confused over what is best for you. SOS Rapid Weight Loss Meal Replacement has been formulated after extensive research and consultation with weight-loss practitioners, doctors, nutritionists and ordinary people who have struggled with other weight loss programs……….. We’ve seen the results so we know it will work for you! LEARN HOW THE NEXT 90 DAYS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE Take the 90 day challenge. The only thing you have to lose is those unwanted inches. If you are not completely satisfied after trying SOS Rapid Weight Loss Meal Replacement for 90 days then we will gladly refund your money. For rapid weight reduction we recommend that you replace up to 2 main meals a day.

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